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Friesland Experience

Danish rose + Farm

4 - 10 Persons - 8 hours

From €132,19  p.p.  Incl VAT

Step aboard the Danish Rose and enjoy the opportunity to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. This beautiful 12 meter long boat offers a unique experience to visit a typical Frisian farm in the morning. Discover the ins and outs of farm life during a tour and then enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea with a Frisian delicacy.


As soon as we leave the port of Terherne, we go on an enchanting trip across the Frisian lakes. On this trip you will also enjoy an authentic Frisian lunch. The captain is ready to tell you everything you want to know about sailing and the secrets of the Sneekermeer. In the afternoon we return to the port, but not before ending the day with a nice drink on the quay, and an opportunity to let the days' experiences pass in review.


This experience is perfect for getting together, enjoying the outdoors and making new memories that you will cherish. So get on board and be surprised by the beauty of Friesland as you go on an adventure together with friends and family on the Danish Rose.

Polyvalk + Farm

4 - 32 Persons - 8 hours

From €89,54 p.p. Incl VAT

This adventure is specially designed for the real adventurers adventurous among us. We start our day in the bustling harbor of Woudsend, where we welcome we're welcomed bythe smell of freshly brewed coffee and tea with  accompaning Frisian delicacies. Once charged,Fueled and ready to go we hoist the sails of our falcons and set sail for the mysterious island of Heeg.

An unforgettable experience awaits you on this remote island: sailing instructions and then performing applying the learned skills it on the lake. While the sun is high in the sky, a typical Frisian lunch is prepared for us, after which we test our skills in exciting sailing competitions. Here you will learn the intricacies of competitive sailing on a falcon, while feeling the wind in your hair and the adrenaline flowing through your veins.

But we're not done exploring yet! After our sailing adventures we go to a farm on an island, a unique place where life takes a special has taken an unusual turn. A tour of this farm gives you an insight into the unique farm life on an island.


The day ends in the cozy harbor café, where  together we look backwe look back together on the highlights of our adventures and cherish the memories we made today. So grab your sailing gear and adventurous spirit, and join us on this unforgettable adventure  trip full of sailing, discovery and new experiences!

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