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Sporty Experience

Danish Rose + Keatsen

4 -  10 Persons - 8 hours

From €132,19 p.p. Incl VAT

Climb aboard the Danish Rose for a day of relaxation and time together with your loved ones. The morning starts with delicious coffee or tea and a tasty Frisian delicacy, while we prepare for an enchanting trip across the Frisian lakes from the port of Terherne.


As the wind blows through your hair, enjoy an authentic Frisian lunch on board. Meanwhile the captain will share his knowledge about sailing and all the secrets of the craft. That's not all ! In the afternoon we delve into another Frisian tradition: keatsen. It's an ancient Frisian ball sport, related to Pelota and a forerunner of tennis.  Learn the basics and participate in various games, where fun and cooperation are central.

After a day full of adventure, we return to the harbor, where we end the day with a nice drink on the waterfront. This is the opportunity to chat together, enjoy the outdoors and create new memories that will stay with you forever. So, invite your family and friends and enjoy a day of fun, learning and connection together on board the Danish Rose.

Polyvalk + Keatsen

4 -  32 Persons - 8 hours

From €89,54 p.p. Incl VAT

Welcome adventurers! Get ready for a day full of excitement and fun, because we're going on an unforgettable adventure from the port of Woudsend. We start the day with a delicious cup of coffee or tea, accompanied by an authentic Frisian delicacy, to boost our energy levels for what is to come.

As soon as we are aboard the falcons, we set sail for the enchanting island of Heeg. Sailing instructions are on the program here, immediately followed by practical experience on the water. After an exciting morning at sea, a well-deserved Frisian lunch is waiting for us on the island.

But the adventure isn't over yet! In the afternoon we take on the challenge of sailing competitions, where you'll  learn all the intricacies of competitive sailing on a falcon. And if that isn't enough, we are introduced to another Frisian tradition: keatsen.  It's an ancient Frisian ball sport, related to Pelota and a forerunner of tennis.  Together we play different games and learn the basics of this unique sport.

After an action-packed day we return to the cozy harbor of Woudsend, where we chat about our adventures while enjoying a refreshing drink in the harbor café. This is the perfect end to a day of adventure, where new friendships are forged and memories are made that will last a lifetime. So, adventurers, let yourself be carried away on this unforgettable adventure!

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