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Falcon sails Woudsend

The falcon is a gaff-rigged keelboat with a length of 6.5 meters. The falcon is an excellent boat for both the novice and advanced sailor. The benefits of learning to sail (even better) with us in a falcon are endless! To name a few: - the instructor is on board so you can ask questions at any time


Compared to some others offering sailing instruction with us, the instructor is on board with you, questions can be answered right away. You have more sailing time because there's no need to moor to explain.

After two days of intensive lessons you will probably be able to rent a falcon independently in the future.

In addition to sailing, you learn to skipper on a boat of 6.5 meters in length. - In a falcon you won't get wet and you have more than enough legroom. A falcon is the ideal boat for a day trip: the mast is easy to lower, so every terrace on the lake is accessible, for a break ashore, and there is more than enough space to take a picnic basket, party box and cool box.

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