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Watersport Experience

Danish Rose + Suppen

4 -  10 Persons

Step aboard the Danish Rose and leave the stress of everyday life behind. This  is your chance to completely relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Frisian lakes.

Welcome aboard!  We'll start the day with hot coffee (or tea) and some delicious Frisian delicacies, while we get acquainted. As soon as we leave Terherne the adventure begins. As we're sailing, look around, enjoy the vistas and the Frisian Lakes.  

As we're sailing  our captain will introduce you to sailing, and life on the water.  But that's not all !  In the afternoon you'll have the chance to explore the Sneekermeer on a SUP board with an experienced  instructor.

Hungry ? For lunch we have an authentic Frisian lunch, prepared for you with love and local food.

After a day filled with adventure we'll return to port where we'll end the day with a drink on the quay. Sitting together, enjoying the outdoors and remembering a day filled with new experiences and adventures. Memories to store.

Come aboard the Danish Rose and be enchanted by the beauty of the Frisian water. What are you waiting for ?

Polyvalk + Suppen

4 -  32 Persons

This adventure is for discoverers and adventurers. We start the journey in Woudsend's lively harbour, after a bracing cup of coffee (or tea) and a tasty Frisian delicacy.


Energized we hoist the sails of our Falcons and sail to the magical island of Heeg. Here the adventure begins. The sailing instructors show us the ropes and sails and we'll learn how to handle this sailboat. We're not left hungry either, there's lunch waiting on the Island , an authentic Frisian lunch to recharge your batteries.


The afternoon is devoted to competitive sailing. We will learn the skills and strategies of competitive Falcon sailing. That's not all, after this adrenaline rush we moor in Heeg, a picturesque Frisian village. Here we have the opportunity to learn the art and skill of SUP boarding. And we'll take a relaxing stroll around this charming village.


At the end of a perfect day we return to the Woudsend and the cosy harbour Cafe.

Giving us an opportunity, over drinks and conversation, to let the day pass in review. The perfect end to an unforgettable day filled with adventure, new experiences and fun. Are you ready to join us on this unforgettable adventure ?

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